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Join us to make a difference for cats & kittens in the local Mobile area.


Volunteer at

Our Adoption Center

We focus on group living for healthy cats/kittens.  We have multiple rooms with cats and kittens grouped by age and/or temperament.  In addition to adoption rooms, we have a medical room, transport room  and intake room.  All incoming cats and kittens will be properly vetted and held for 7 days before going to an adoption room.

Our Adoption Center is staffed and maintained by volunteers.  If you would like more information, please complete an application below.



Kittens under 8 weeks are in foster homes.  After they are spayed/neutered, they come to the adoption center to recover, then join the kitten room.  We  have weekly clinics for weight and medical check for all adoptable and foster cats/kittens.  A foster manual and package with necessary supplies will go to every foster home.  Adult cats that need extra time to adjust to group living or those that don't do well with group living are also available to foster.

Want to learn more about fostering a PPOM kitty in your own home?  Fill out the application below and we will connect you with a foster coordinator!


Assist in Other Ways

Would you like to help trap cats for TNR?  Would you like to do paperwork?   Do you have a skill or talent that you could share with us?
Let us know how you would be interested in helping.  Email and we'd be glad to find a way to put your skills to work!

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